We want simple answers most of the time. To find the answer to our simple questions, we don’t need to look through a lot of information on different websites.

Unfortunately, the internet does not work like this, at least not yet. If you search for “what is manual focal in-camera” on your preferred search engine, you will get some results. Each link has a long article. You will find the answer to your question somewhere in the middle of that long article. However, if you don’t read the entire article, it is impossible to spot the simple answer.

Let’s be honest, it is frustrating. We have also seen that many people dislike reading. They find it stressful and depressing. The ideal situation is to answer the question in a concise, relevant, and easy-to-read manner. You can read the full article if you need more detail, but not everyone should.

Dhedral-style.com does the same. The answers are usually less than 100 words. We like to keep it short and to the point. We also provide a link to the complete answer so that if this summary doesn’t satisfy your thirst, you can continue reading the entire article to learn more about the topic.

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