what are the only two continents totally north of the equator


What Are The Only Two Continents Totally North Of The Equator?

Answer and Explanation:

North American and Europe are the only two continents that are totally north of the Equator.

What is north of the equator?

The Northern Hemisphere is the half of the Earth that is north of the equator. For other planets in the Solar System, north is defined as being in the same celestial hemisphere relative to the invariable plane of the solar system as Earth’s North Pole.

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What 2 continents are totally south of the equator?

Complete answer: The two continents which lie completely in the Southern hemisphere are Australia and Antarctica.

Which nation entirely north of the equator?

Therefore, the areas that are located to the north of the Equator are considered as a part of the Northern Hemisphere, while those areas that are in the south of the Equator are considered as a part of the Southern Hemisphere. The only nation to be situated in all the four hemispheres is the island nation of Kiribati.

Which two continents are spread on both sides of the equator?

The continent that lies on both sides of the equator in South America and Africa.

What is the only ocean entirely north of the Equator?

The Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is the only Ocean on earth that wholly lies on the Northern Hemisphere.

Which two continents are not in the Northern Hemisphere?

Which two continents are NOT in the Northern Hemisphere? Antarctica and Australia.

Which continents are above the Equator?

Top Ten Facts!

The equator passes through the continents of South America, Africa and Asia.

Which continents are only in the Southern Hemisphere?

Answer: Antarctica and Australia. South America is mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, though the equator cuts through its northern tip. Answer: Antarctica and Australia.

Which continent are north and south of the Equator?

What is this? This geography fact also means that Africa is the only continent to have land both at the Equator and the Prime Meridian. These two maps show how the continent of Africa lies in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

Which lies on both sides of the Equator?

MCQ : Which one of the following continents lies on both sides of the equator. The correct answer is an option (b). Explanation: The Equator divides the continent of Africa into almost two equal halves. Thus, the African continent lies on both sides of the Equator.

What continent lies directly west of Asia?

Asia is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Indian Ocean to the south, the Red Sea (as well as the inland seas of the Atlantic Ocean—the Mediterranean and the Black) to the southwest, and Europe to the west.

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What country connects the continents of north and South America?

Isthmus of Panama

The Isthmus of Panama in Panama links the continents of North and South America, and separates the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

What are the only two oceans through which the equator does not pass through?

Answer and Explanation:

The equator passes through the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. The only oceans it does not pass through are the Arctic Ocean

What are the northern continents?

Northern Continent

  • North America.
  • Europe, especially Scandinavia.
  • Asia, specifically Siberia.

What are the three continents that are located mainly between the equator and the north Pole?

Daily Geo Weeks 4-6

Is there more water or land on Earth? Water (70%)
What is the only ocean through which the equator does not pass? Arctic and Southern
Name the three continents that are located mainly between the equator and the North Pole. North American, Europe, Asia

What 2 continents are near Antarctica?

South America is the closest continent to Antarctica. The closest point of South America is shared by Argentina and Chile. The Argentinian station Vice Comodoro Marambio is on the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Which is the only continent without desert?


Europe is the only continent without a desert.

Which continent does the Equator not pass through?

Equator doesn’t pass through Antarctica, Europe and Australia.

Is Argentina north of the equator?

With a latitude of 38.4161° S, Argentina is located in the southern hemisphere. The longitude of Argentina is 63.6167° W, which means the South American country is positioned in the western hemisphere. The GPS coordinates of Argentina denote that the country is situated below the equator as well.

Which three continents are only in the Northern Hemisphere?

The Northern Hemisphere is all of the earth lying north of the equator. Located completely in the Northern Hemisphere are North America, & Europe. Partially located here are Africa, Asia, & South America.

What is the only hemisphere in which Antarctica has no land?

Southern Hemisphere

Antarctica is in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e., south of the equator).

What 2 continents are completely in the eastern hemisphere?

The continents in the Eastern Hemisphere are Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe, Africa, and Antarctica.

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What is the region around the equator called?

The tropics are the region of Earth surrounding the Equator.

What continent is Australia?


What country touches all 4 hemispheres?

Kiribati consists of 32 atolls and one solitary island (Banaba), extending into the eastern and western hemispheres, as well as the northern and southern hemispheres. It is the only country that is situated within all four hemispheres.

Is Eurasia a continent?


What continent is New Zealand?


Which ocean is known as Antarctic Ocean?

Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean, also called Antarctic Ocean, body of salt water covering approximately one-sixteenth of Earth’s total ocean area. The Southern Ocean is made up of the portions of the world ocean south of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans and their tributary seas surrounding Antarctica below 60° S.

What are the oceans through which the equator passes?

The Equator is located in three major oceans, namely the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

What is the name of the ocean between Africa and Australia?

Indian ocean basin

The Indian ocean basin has Eurasia as its northern boundary and Africa as its western boundary, and Indonesia and Australia as its eastern boundary.

What is the most northern continent?


Antarctica is on the opposite side of the Arctic and the home to the South Pole. Antarctica is about 12,430 miles to the south of the North Pole, and unlike the Arctic, it is a continent.

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