who has the most x games medals

Who Has The Most X Games Medals?

Surpassing Tony Hawk at X Games 14 in L.A., Andy Macdonald holds the record for most X Games skateboarding medals with 15 total.

Who has the most gold medals in X Games?

Dave Mirra

The most gold medals won at the X Games in summer disciplines is 14, achieved by Dave Mirra (USA) in BMX events between 1996 and 2005; equalled by Bob Burnquist (Brazil) in Skateboard events between 2000 and 2015; and Jamie Bestwick (UK) in BMX events between 2000 and 2016.

Who has the most X Games medals for skateboarding?

Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist

At age 40, Burnquist holds the record for the most medals in X Games history with 30 total in 25 X Games appearances, and he is the only athlete to compete in all 25 X Games summer events.

Who has the most X Games BMX medals?

Scotty Cranmer (born January 11, 1987) is an American BMX rider. He is tied with Dave Mirra for the most X Games BMX Park medals with nine, three each in gold, silver and bronze over fourteen appearances.

Who is the most decorated X athlete?

Shaun White

Shaun White: 16 medals

With the exception of his bronzes in Slope in 2007 and ’08 and silver in Pipe in ’07, it’s been gold ever since — making White the most decorated WX athlete ever.

How rich is Shaun White?

As of 2021, Shaun White’s net worth is roughly $60 million, which makes him by far the richest snowboarder in the world.

Net Worth:
$60 Million
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Snowboarder/Skateboarder
Last Updated: 2021

How old is Tony Hawk?

53 years (May 12, 1968)

How old is Jagger Eaton?

20 years (February 21, 2001)

How old is nyjah?

26 years (November 30, 1994)

Is Matty Cranmer a pro BMX rider?

Matty Cranmer (Born July 1, 1997) is an American Pro BMX Rider. He is also an actor, known for Next X (2009) and Switched! (2003).

Who is the richest BMX rider?

Mat Hoffman net worth: Mat Hoffman is an American bicycle motocross rider who has a net worth of $20 million. Matt Hoffman is the President of Hoffman Bikes and known for as one of the best vert ramp riders of the BMX bike riding sport.

Who is the most famous BMX biker?

Top 20 BMX Legends of All-Time

  • Sean Burns. ©DigBMX.
  • Brian Foster. ©DigBMX. …
  • Matthias Dandois. Matthias is already a legend in our eyes. …
  • Jamie Bestwick. ©X-Games. …
  • Scotty Cranmer. ©thelfco. …
  • Steven Cisar. ©mpora. …
  • Van Homan. Van earned a spot by releasing Little Devils’ Criminal Mischief. …
  • Daniel Dhers. We can see this guy riding forever. …

What is Usain Bolt net worth?

The proud owner of eight Olympic golds and 19 Guinness World Records, Usain Bolt has turned speed into a highly lucrative franchise. According to CelebrityNetWorth’s estimate, Usain Bolt’s net worth is around $90 million.

How tall is Shaun White?

1.75 m

How much did Shaun Weiss make?

As of 2021, Shaun Weiss’ net worth is roughly $500. Shaun Weiss is an American actor from Montvale.

Net Worth:
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
Last Updated: 2021

Can Tony Hawk still do a 900?

In 2011, Hawk was still able to land his famous 900 and posted a video of the trick via his Twitter account stating “I’m 43 and I did a 900 today.” On June 27, 2016, Hawk successfully landed another 900 at age 48, 17 years to the day from when he completed his first at the X-Games, and indicated that it would likely be …

Is Tony Hawk an Olympian?

Hawk did not compete at the Olympics but instead he flew to Tokyo to serve as a commentator with NBC. However, he also had time to test out the Olympic skate park before the start of the competition.

Who is Jagger Eaton dad?

Jagger Eaton/Fathers
Eaton and his brother Jett (two years his senior) are the sons of Geoff Eaton, owner of the Kids That Rip (KTR) Skateboard School, a school that trains a number of junior X Games competitors. Both brothers started skateboarding under their father’s tutelage at a young age, with Eaton commencing at four years of age.

How tall is nyjah?

1.75 m

How did Nyjah Huston get famous?

Professional skateboarding. Huston first garnered attention when he signed a sponsorship deal with Element Skateboards and joined their team.

How much does Nyjah Huston weigh?

75 kg

Is Nyjah Huston vegan?

Today Huston is a reformed vegan, but he believes that his diet (growing up and now) give him a competitive edge. “Once I had the freedom to be able to eat whatever I wanted it took about a year or two before I tried meat.

Is Cory Berglar a pro?

I’m a pro bmx rider and am starting to get into freestyle moto. I travel all around the country doing bmx stunt shows for all kinds of events like fairs, festivals, monster jam, monster energy supercross, NFL halftime shows.

Who is Big Boy sponsored by?

Monster Energy

Big Boy | Monster Energy Performance.

What is Big Boy’s real name Scotty Cranmer?

Alex Whistance
The fun never stops when you open up your eyes to the world of Alex Whistance. Known in the BMX world as “Big Boy,” this exciting young YouTube star first got noticed as a background friend on the channel of legendary BMX rider Scotty Cranmer.

What bike did Dave Mirra?

Mirra remained an esteemed member of the Haro team through the end of 2006, and then started his own brand, Mirraco, for the remainder of his BMX career. But the majority of Mirra’s accomplishments at the top of the sport were done on a signature Haro, and it’s where most of us remember him best.Feb 24, 2017

What does BMX stand for?

bicycle motocross

BMX stands for bicycle motocross, the sport in which cyclists race through a winding course with hills and jumps. The abbreviation is far more commonly used.

Who is the fastest BMX racer in the world?

Joris Daudet
The 10 stop World Cup tour is the gateway for BMX racers to qualify for the Olympic Games as well as race agains the world fastest racers and on Day 1 of the World Cup, Joris Daudet was just that, the fastest racer in the world, as he took the victory!Apr 29, 2019

Who does Garrett Reynolds ride for?

A few influential video parts later, Reynolds was a multiple NORA Cup winner, bike company owner and the winningest BMX Street rider in the history of X Games. Here are five fast facts about Garrett Reynolds without mentioning his affinity for the San Diego Padres.

What is the best brand of BMX?

This Year’s Best BMX Brands

  • Eastern. Eastern are a household name when it comes to BMX. …
  • Haro. When you think BMX, you think Haro. …
  • Kink. A relative newcomer to the best BMX brands list, but a good one. …
  • Mongoose. Mongoose are just bikes, bikes, bikes. …
  • Sunday. …
  • Elite BMX. …
  • Stolen BMX.

How rich is USA?

Total wealth by country

Country (or area)
Total wealth (USD bn)
United States * Northern America 126,340
Europe 103,213
Asia-Pacific 75,277
China * Eastern Asia 74,884

Who is the richest athlete?

Jordan topped a list in which he is followed by three golfers: Tiger Woods ($2.1 billion), Arnold Palmer ($1.5 billion) and Jack Nicklaus ($1.38 billion).

Highest-paid athletes of all time: Michael Jordan leads star-studded top-25 list.





Turned Pro

Michael Jordan
United States

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